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Fabric trends for 2023

We tell you all the news in the world of fashion and fabrics for this 2023. Take a look!

One of the key factors in interior design lies in the type of fabric that will be used to decorate the windows with curtains and reduce sunlight (if required), as well as in the upholstery of the furniture, which They must go accordingly to achieve the harmony you want in your home, which is why the new trends in fabrics for 2023 are highly anticipated in terms of making curtains and upholstery.

Fabric trends for 2023 in decorations.

As well as knowing the ideal type of fabric for your style, it is important to be informed about the new trends that 2023 brings in terms of interior design and decoration, which is why we bring you some of the options to use this year. , within which the geometric figures, mixtures and contrasts of paisleys stand out, as well as the stripes, which help to attract attention through different figures, colors and textures.

Chevrons: it is a trend that has taken a lot of strength over the years and is the striped print that goes in zigzag patterns.

Tribal patterns: they can be used in combination with each other, they have global ethnic origin although each one was created by ancient civilizations from all over the world.

Botanical prints and large flowers: they are ideal for bedding, cushions, wallpaper and include more plants than single flowers as had happened previously in other seasons.

Checkered print: this type of print does not go out of style, since it is a classic of the vintage style or it could also be said that it belongs to retro fashion, so this year 2023 it will also enter as a trend, which can be worn with different styles and one of the easiest ways to incorporate the pattern of this style is into lamps.

Animal Print: this trend has opted for a new way of carrying it out, which is to rely on synthetic fabrics that use the same designs to stop promoting the use of fur and, in turn, avoid putting the lives of animals at risk. military.

Quadrifolio: this trend is inspired by 4-leaf clovers, which originates from European medieval culture. It is ideal for any type of room and previously it was believed in Europe that these clovers brought luck.

Greek print: to apply this trend, curtains, cushions, shower curtains among others are ideal, and if they catch your eye or you definitely want something with a navy inclination, this type of fabric design to decorate your home will be perfect for you.

Striped print: you can use this trend in any corner of your home and best of all, it is also a classic that never goes out of style.

Aubusson: this trend is currently back in the home gaining great notoriety in the world of decoration, motivated by the fact that this style refers to a French factory specializing in embroidery and special tapestries during the French Renaissance period and the difference with the cushions and modern furniture is very clear, due to the fact that its intricate design is usually stamped, in the cushions of this style, in a set of handmade embroideries and tassels with a great variety of textures, which although today is being combined With more modern designs, the cushions that follow this trend were accompanied or combined with Victorian or eclectic styles. Among the models that follow this style, the birds stand out, combinations of various floral prints, plants and some animals, which fit perfectly with earth-toned furniture.

Fabrics, an intelligent resource for an ideal decoration.

The decoration with fabrics for the interior of your home can become a resource of vital importance in interior design, since with a touch of ingenuity your house can look completely great and, most importantly, it is an element easy to achieve, which will have the power to make a corner as important as the room, can look more welcoming, elegant, comfortable or any other characteristic that you want to give it. Next, we offer you a series of options that you can make to enter the trend in fabrics for 2023 in relation to decoration.

Room: one of the things that always gives structure to your room is the headboard, so you could make a padded one, which you can proceed to cover and together, the edges according to your style and taste in terms of color and stamping is concerned. If you want to change from a simple space to a room with texture and color that can attract attention, then embroidered fabrics do not fail to achieve this task.

Pillows or cushions: if what you want is to add life to the interior of your home, an ideal option would be to use embroidered fabrics for cushions, which will give a unique flavor to the space where they are located.

Fabrics for the curtains: as far as curtains are concerned, there are many options that exist to decorate the corner where these important elements are to be found. Therefore, one possibility to place them and that will be taking as a trend for 2023, will be embroidered fabrics for modern curtains or blinds, which you can add a focal point to the room if you wish and through the creation of different contrasts, you can choose a large model that captures the attention of the eye.

Upholstery: the fabric used for furniture upholstery also adds an excellent idea among the options you have to set your room this 2023, regardless of the furniture that is upholstered, as long as you choose the ideal fabric, you can provide your bedroom that touch that you wanted so much, and an excellent fabric to do this type of work is velvet.

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