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Fabrics and dressmaking for every kind of like

We offer diversity of fabrics and dressmaking at unbeatable prices.

Household items: Curtains, linens, sheets, stretcher tables … and much more.

The range of linen from El Klómetro brings quality and unique image: tablecloths for parties and unique events, covers and bows for catering chairs, table runners and much more. We have all the products you need to make your home, party or reception look great. We offer a variety of fabrics at the best price with the best quality.

Textile and clothing

Innovating each season and betting on new fabrics for clothing.

Party`s fabrics

Fabrics for celebration to develop any design with a really incredible result at low cost.

children`s fabrics

Children’s fabrics, piqué fabrics, cotton fabrics, plumetis, organza, linens, etc.

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